November Grocery Store Finds

This month was busy! I completed my first New Food November Challenge, celebrated my golden 2-9 birthday on the 29th, and found some amazing new foods at the grocery store. 

You see, I don’t shop at one grocery store. I shop at three. And, they rotate between weeks and of course, it depends on what exactly I need. My go-to stores are Shaw’s, Stop and Shop, and Whole Foods. Every grocery is different, so you never know what you’ll find. 

I’ve listed a few items I’ve recently bought and use. If you like any of these, or already use any/all of these food products, let me know. I love talking about good food. 

My Latest Grocery Store Finds

1. Sweet Possibilities

Sweet Possibilities: Locally made right here in Rhode Island by a trained chef from world renowned Johnson and Wales University! The ingredients say it all: almonds, raw honey, organic gluten free oats, organic flaxseed, unsweetened coconut, organic raw cacao nibs, Mediterranean sea salt.

2. Seggiano

Seggiano: Their tag line is “real food from Italy.” Handpicked and handmade, you’ll get a taste of Italy right from your local Whole Foods grocery store (I’ve only see it at WF) with hopping on a plane. Thus, it’s made in the region of Italy called Modena (it’s where balsamic was invented). You won’t find caramel coloring or thickening agents in this product. It’s the real deal. You’ll know what I mean when you taste it. I’ve added it to salads, toast, pasta, and pretty much anything else I eat. It’s that tasty.

3. Justins

Justins: Made with a few simple ingredients, these are my favorite to have on hand. Stuff them in your purse, lunch box, or bag cause these snack packs are so easy to bring just about anywhere. 

4. Sidehill Farm 

Sidehill Farm: This small, family-run food company started in Vermont in 1970, and are the leading jam makers in the industry. The jam is made the old-fashion way – boiled down fruit and sugar, handmade, and hand stirred. They don’t use pectin or artificial ingredients. Now, that is real jam.



5. Real Pickles

Real Pickles: They use 100% organic, local vegetables from Northeast family farms. If you live some place other than the Northeast, you most likely won’t find this product at your local grocery store. That’s because they believe in a regional food system. Fermented and raw, you’ll get the health benefits of probiotic cultures, intense flavor, all locally sourced. It’s almost like medicine in a jar, but don’t take that literal.

Have you tried any of these? Comment below. Like I said, I love talking about good food.

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