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lara bars

Are protein bars healthy?

In this blog post, I will discuss if protein bars are healthy, two ingredients to watch out for, and healthy, homemade alternatives created by Registered

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Mediterranean food recipes

what is the Mediterranean diet?

You may have heard about the Mediterranean diet – it’s a diet rich in fiber, antioxidants, and unsaturated fat (the good fat). It’s been around for years and rated #1 as the best diet to follow to reduce risk of heart-related diseases, diabetes, and even weight loss.

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Processed pork

how red meat affects your body

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating our country’s independence, having BBQs and spending quality time with family and friends. But as we are celebrating this great summer holiday and serving tasty foods such as grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, I think it is important to think – at the very least, about our food choices as what we consume directly affects our health.

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Is soy healthy for you?

Is soy good for you?

In this blog post, I explain what is soy, if it’s healthy for men and women, the health benefits of soy, and debunk the common

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