how to start your own garden

how to start your own garden

Well, hello spring! Oh, how you were missed. Now, get yourself comfortable and stay for a bit. I’m going to show you how to start your own garden!

This past weekend, we decided to add another garden bed to our ever-growing garden family, but this time, it was going to be a lot easier. Last year, Matt decided to use his man-skills and build a garden bed himself. Little did we know, you could actually purchase one already made for you at Home Depot. The reviews were glowing, so we bought one. You literally insert the wood piece into the sockets and boom — and, you’ve got a raised garden bed. It took 3 minutes (versus 1 hr).
Nonetheless, you can watch his beautiful work on our first garden bed from last year. Kudos, Matt.

Back to our second garden bed.

If you are interested in starting your own garden, here are some quick tips (and lessons we learned the second time around).

Steps to build your own garden:

1. Purchase a raised garden bed at Home Depot here. << Not an affiliate link, just pure opinion.

2. Using this particular garden bed, we bought 8 bags of compost + 8 bags of top soil.

3. After you have assembled the garden bed and before adding the compost/soil, take a shovel and loosen all the dirt within the bed. Then, add all the compost and finish it with a nice layer of topsoil.

4. For the fruits and veggies, follow their instructions on how deep to dig a hole and place the plant. Be sure to leave plenty of space in order for it to grow.


Want to make life easy? Build your own irrigation


How to start your own irrigation system

1. To make your own irrigation system, you will need a rain bird garden kit, and these items as well:- drip irrigation tubingraindrip barbed connectorsaxe sickle drip emittersprogrammable hose faucet timer ^^ not affiliate links!

2. We followed this helpful video on installing our own irrigation system.

3. Set your programmable timer early in the morning or in the evening, which will allow the plants time to take up the water (instead of the sun evaporating the water!) for ~30 minutes every day.
4. Don’t forget to trim old leaves off and watch them grow!