December Breakfast Essentials


In this blog post, I share my recent healthy breakfast essentials for busy people on the go. 

You’ve heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is like fuel to a car – fueling you mentally and physically for a busy day ahead. Breakfast is the first “break” in your 8+ hour fast. That first bite of food revs up your metabolism and starts the communication between your gut and brain for the rest of the day. 

On most mornings, I’m in a rush, getting ready for the day, taking my dog for a walk, and arriving to work on time.  I don’t have time to sit down at my kitchen table and eat my breakfast. You probably can relate. My best solution is to bring a few quick and easy breakfast items to work. Within an hour of arriving to work, I’m usually hungry, and very happy I brought healthy food to eat. 

Here are a few healthy food and drink items I’ve been loving lately!

1) Cold Brew Coffee

It may be December, but cold brew coffee can be consumed year round, especially if you prefer the convenience and taste better than hot, drip coffee. I found a local, fair-trade brand called Commonwealth Coffee Co located in Boston, Massachusetts. The company roasts in small batches (which means more consistent and fresh flavor) and takes pride in rotating seasonal cold brews to pair it with the seasons in New England. Cold brew coffee has 1.5 times more caffeine and is less acidic than drip coffee. The small bottle was easy for me to stuff in my purse and perfect for another round of caffeine in the early afternoon. I found it at my local Whole Foods Market. You can read more about their story here

Cold Brew Coffee

2) Icelandic Provisions Yogurt

Iceland has been making their own dairy product called “skyr,” pronounced “skeer” for years. It’s been in U.S. grocery stores the last few years. It’s actually not yogurt, but very similar to yogurt. Skyr is a highly nutritious, thick, creamy, and delicious dairy product mixed with active, live cultures. The cultures contribute to the thickness of the product. There are other ingredients added including sugar, fruit, and other food additives in small amounts, but skyr takes pride in a product with limited sugar, and high protein. Although there are many flavors to choose from, the best option is plain. The plain option packs 17g of protein, 5g of sugar (which comes from the milk), and live active cultures in a single serving.

Tip: I’ve been adding a small amount of honey and cut up fruit to sweeten it up. I’ll wrap a rubber band around the opening and place it in another small plastic container when I take it to work.

Icelandic Provision Skyr yogurt

3) WestSoy soymilk

Soy milk is a highly nutritious drink, boasting a good chemical called isoflavones. Research has shown soy to have several health benefits including lowering cholesterol, improving bone health, and potentially decreasing risk for breast and prostate cancer.  I alternate between cow’s milk and soy milk every month, and for the month of December, it’s been soy milk. I add about 4 oz of steamed soy milk when I make an espresso in the morning.

Have you seen the shelves showered with soy milk? There are a ton of different brands. I’ve tried all of them (or atleast most), and I’ve found West Soy to be the best. It has two ingredients, soybeans and water, which is all you need to make soy milk. 

Westsoy soymilk

4) Bob's Red Mill Muesli

I love Bob’s Red Mill products because of the high quality, healthy and nutritious foods. The breakfast cereals are my favorite. I purchase Bob’s Red Mill 16oz bags of muesli or oatmeal for when I am home, but they also have single serving to-go containers for when you are on-the-go.  There’s a variety of options including gluten-free oatmeal, regular oatmeal, paleo muesli, tropical muesli, and a ton more. All the cereals are nutrition dense and made with whole grains. You can either add hot water, cold water, or milk – your choice! 

Bob's Red Mill Muesli single Cup

What are your easy, to-go breakfast essentials? Please comment below to share!

Did you see last month’s healthiest grocery store finds? Thank you for reading!